Arresting Reporters Without Borders Prize Winner – Urgent news

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The Egyptian security authorities arrested Alaa Seif and nine others: Karim El-Shai’r, Fadi Iskandar, Nada El-Qassas, Asmaa Ali, Rasha Azab, Mohammad Awwad, Essam El-Sharaf, Sarah AbdulGalil, and Ahmad ABdulGhafar. The arrest took place during their presence on May 7 before the Cairo Court. They stood there in solidarity with the reformist judges under trial after their public criticism the rigging of Parliamentary elections.
It is noteworthy that Alaa Seif had won the prize of the German organization Deutsche Welle Weblog Awards last year( =15582),Alaa is also the IT officer in an Italian development NGO operating in Egypt. CIHRS reiterates its previous request stated in its 27 April statement regarding the immediate release of all those acting in solidarity with reformist judges. the Institute also calls for putting an end to their prosecution and investigate the crimes of attacking judges during elections and the security and administrative interference with the electoral process.

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