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Palestinian Prisoners Day

In International Advocacy Program, Arab Countries by CIHRS

Throughout the week, CIHRS will highlight the profiles of Palestinian prisoners, among which are prominent figures in Palestinian society. These prisoners’ stories will shed light on the continuous and systematic arbitrary deprivation of liberty for Palestinians living under a prolonged and brutal military occupation for half a century.

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Libya|Open letter to the Libyan state: support a mechanism to determine individual accountability for violations in Libya

In African Commission for Human and Peoples' Rights, Arab Countries, International Advocacy Program, Media Unite, Statements and Reports by CIHRS

We urge Libya to accept through the HRC an international investigative mechanism for Libya, to deter further horrific human rights violations of hundreds of thousands of Libyans as well as migrants and refugees and stop ongoing human rights abuses by armed groups and militias. Such mechanism would need the sufficient resources to be able to determine the facts and circumstances of violations and abuses across Libya and identify individual perpetrators and chain of command.

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The high-level intrigue that’s overshadowing Egypt’s election

In Opinion Articles by CIHRS

Egypt is approaching a critical moment. Since last fall, the popularity of President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi has steadily diminished not only among the public and many of Egypt’s secular and Islamist intellectuals but also among key supporters of his regime. He’s still going to win the sham presidential election scheduled for March 26 to 28. But there are many signs that his second term might not last for as long as he hopes.