In meeting with Foreign Ministry the CIHRS urges government to address Coptic and Nubian issues in UN report.

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The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies urged the Egyptian government to address several pressing issues in its report to the UN review committee on economic, social, and cultural rights, most prominently the repeated assaults on the property of Egyptian Copts in the framework of sectarian violence, the latest round of which took place recently in Naga Hamadi, as well as the right of Nubians to return to their places of origin and build homes there in respect of their cultural heritage, and the right of Bedouins in the Sinai to own land and enjoy safety from security harassment.
The CIHRS aired its concerns at a meeting convened by the Human Rights Office of the Foreign Ministry with several human rights organizations to discuss the Egyptian government’s report to the UN regarding its observance of economic, social, and cultural rights. Bahey El Din Hassan, the director of the CIHRS, attended the meeting.
Mr. Hassan also advocated the inclusion of other issues in the government report, among them restrictions on the right of workers to strike and their right to minimum wage, discrimination against working women, social and health insurance, laws restricting the right to form labor unions and trade syndicates, and the government’s failure to implement relevant court orders.

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