Open Letter by Arab Organisations to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the European Union (EU) and the League of Arab States (LAS)

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As leaders of over 200 organisations across the Middle East and North Africa, we urge the United Nations Security Council, the EU and the Arab League to take immediate action in response to the violent repression of demonstrations and the bloodshed of innocent civilians in Libya. The international community must not be passive bystanders to such brutality. Words of outrage are not enough; they will do nothing to protect civilians in the face of such slaughter.

We fear we may be witnessing the calm before the storm. The window of opportunity to prevent further atrocities from occurring is closing fast. The people of Libya need you to act quickly and decisively.

Since 17th February 2011, hundreds of peaceful demonstrators in Libya have been killed, arrested and detained at the orders of Gadaffi. Reports of the use of lethal force and military artillery against civilians demand immediate investigation by a UN mandated team on the ground.

Condemnation of such acts is not enough – world leaders must live up to their responsibilities to protect civilians from systematic slaughter.

We call on you to agree contingency plans for international intervention in line with Chapter VII of the UN charter, and under Arab regional leadership to provide protection for civilians on the ground and to enable the rapid imposition of a UN Mandated No Fly Zone over Libya should such steps be necessary to protect civilians from further atrocities.

The coalition also urges the UN Security Council, the European Union and League of Arab States to call for and support the expedition of the following actions immediately to protect civilians in Libya:

Implement an immediate freeze on the assets of Gaddafi and his generals and subject them to a travel ban

Impose an embargo on all exports of arms and security equipment to Libya;
Call for and support an immediate UN investigation mission to Libya to identify the exact nature of events and the scale of the crimes committed since February 17th.

Time is running out. The bloodshed cannot continue. The people of Libya need you to act quickly and decisively. As civil society leaders from the region, we implore you not to desert them and to demonstrate that you are prepared to take the meaningful action required to back up your words of condemnation.




The Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights, The Algerian Coordination Organisation for the Families of the Missing.

Bahrain: Al Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, Bahraini Association for Human Rights, Association of Bahraini Youth for Human Rights.

Iraq: The Iraqi Human Rights Association inDenmark, Iraqi Network for Human Rights.

Egypt: Arab Programme for Human Rights Activists (APHR), Arab Organization for Civil Society and Human Rights Support, Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, Civil Observatory for Human Rights, Citizenship Human Rights Organisation, Shomoaa for the Care of Humanitarian Rights, Egyptian Organisation for Scientific and Technological Development, Egyptian Foundation for Refugee Rights, The Arab Network for Human Rights Information-Egypt, The Arab Centre for Development and Human Rights, South Centre for Human Rights, Arab Network for Crisis Reporting, Centre for the Study of Alternative Development, Taha Hussein Foundation for Civic Education, Egyptian Centre for Human Development, Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights, Al-Badr Foundation for Social Development and Peace, Maan Foundation, Arab Centre for Legal and Judicial Independence, Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS), Ani for Development and Human Rights, Al Nadim Center for Treatment and Psychological Rehabilitation for Victims of Violence, Association of Freedom of Thought and Expression, Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies, Egyptian Centre for Property Rights, One World Centre for Development and Protection of Human Rights, Human Rights Association for Protection of Prisoners, Centre for Legal Study and Information for Human Rights, Centre for Human Rights and Fighting Landmines, National Association for the Defence of Rights and Liberties, Arab Legal Desk- Egypt, Group for Human Rights Legal Aid, Supporters of Justice for Human Rights Association. Egyptian Womens’ Issues, Al-Safwa Centre for Human Rights in Mansoura, Rifa’a Al-Tahtawi Forum, Human Development Centre, Al-Haqq Centre for Democracy and Human Rights, Al Shihab Foundation for Complete Development, Al- Kilma Centre for Human Rights, Egyptian Association for Economic and Social Rights, Habi Centre for Environmental Rights, Egyptian Association for Civic Education and Human Rights, Egyptian Civil Group, Women’s Group for Human Rights, Equality Center for Human Rights (Port Said), Egyptian Center for Rights of the Child, Egyptian Foundation for Family Development, The Egyptian Centre for Defence and Legal Protection, Solidarity Association for Development and Human Rights, Foundation for Human Rights Training and Sustainable Development (Equity), Madar Foundation for Development and Environmental Protection, Dawn Centre for Human Rights Advocacy, Him and Her Development Foundation, Egyptian Center for Development and Human Rights, Egyptian Association against Medical Negligence and Human Rights, Civil Coalition for Democratic Reform,

Jordan: Observatory Centre for Environment and Human Rights, Equality Centre for Democratic Studies and Research, Cooperation Centre for Civil Society Organisations. Kuwait: The Kuwaiti Association for Human Rights.

Lebanon: The Lebanese Association for Transparency , (PPM) Permanent Peace Movement (includes 20 organizations), Social Developmental Initiative- Volunteers without Boundaries, Development for People and Nature Association- Lebanon, Lebanese Labour Watch- Lebanon, Common Effort- Lebanon, Cultural Tyre Forum, Civil Society Forum , Middle East and North Africa Partnership for Prevention of Armed Conflict, Arab Network for Tolerance, Peace Building Academy, Arab Human Rights Fund. Libya: The Arab Libyan Association for Human Rights, Secretary General of the Association for Human Rights.

Mauritania: National Committee for Human Rights , Network for Protection of Democracy, Mauritanian Association for the Promotion of Human Rights (AMAPROD) , Northern League for Democracy, Development and Human Rights , Women Democratic Society, The Arab Organisation for Human Rights – Mauritania .

Morocco: Moroccan Bada’il Forum, The Democratic Centre for Work, National Organisation for Suspended Certificates Campaign, Badai’l Forum- Gosoor Site- Development Organisation, Future Youth Union, Centre for Education on Human Rights, Nabras Youth Site, People’s Rights Centre- Morocco, Leid Foundation, Moroccan Organisation for Human Rights.

Palestine: Al Dameer Organisation for the Political Prisoners Welfare, The Palestinian Society for Human Rights, The Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees, Director of the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy Media- Palestinian Human Rights Organization.

Qatar: National Council for Human Rights. Saudi Arabia: Human Rights First Society(HRFS).

Sudan: Al Kahtim Centre for Enlightenment & Human Development (KACE), Sudanese Children Society, Sudan Development Association SDA , Civil and Human Rights Centre, Darfur Democratic Forum, Al-Amal Rehabilitation Centre, Subat Centre for Peace and Capacity Building, Union Solidarity, Centre for Human Development Studies, Global Centre for the Culture of Peace, African Centre for Human Rights, Darfur Lawyers Association, Darfur Centre for Consolidation of Peace, Darfur Journalists and Media Network, Secretary General of Dwana Organization for Human Development, Community Development Association CDA, Niswa Organisation for Cultural and Social Development, Sarah Al Fadil Centre for Peace and Development, Arab Cultural Centre, Journalists for Human Rights – JHR.

Syria: National Organization for Human Rights, Damascus Centre for Human Rights Studies, Committees for the Defence of Democracy Freedom and Human Rights Kurdish Committee for Human Rights, The Arab Organization for Human Rights, Kurdish organization for the defence of human rights and public freedoms in Syria–DAD, Human Rights Organization in Syria – MAF .

Tunisia: The Tunisian Observatory for Union Rights and Freedoms, The National Council for Liberties, Committee for the Respect of Liberties and Human Rights in Tunisia, Observatory for Freedom of Press, Publishing and Creation, Tunisia

UAE: The Emirates Association for Human Rights.

Yemen: Democratic Social Forum , Sisterhood Forum for Human Rights , The Information and Rehabilitation Centre for Human Rights, Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights, Yemeni Organisation for the Defence of Rights and Democratic Freedoms, Yemeni Broadcasters Forum, Foundation for Local Community Development, Political Development Forum, National Association for the Defence of Freedoms, The Democratic School, National Centre for Community Development, Yemeni Doctors and Pharmacists Syndicate, Educational Syndicate, Partners for the Future Association.

Regional Coalitions: Non Violence Network in the Arab Countries (20 organisations), MENA Coalition to stop use of Child Soldiers (20 organisations)

MENA Action Network on Small Arms (20 organisations)
Europe: Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network and the Arab Reform Initiative (France).

Total Number of organisations (accounting for coalitions): 219