18th Human Rights Summer course for Egyptian university students

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The activities of the18th Human Rights Summer course for Egyptian university students start today under the heading of “Egypt the Revolution… Our Rights Now.” The course  is organized every year by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies; this year its activities will conclude on the 31st of July.



This year’s session comes at a very important time, concurrent with a series of changes occurring among the Arab peoples, which raises urgent questions about the human rights situation in general in the Arab countries and particularly about the condition of human rights in Egypt  in the wake of  January 25th Revolution.



The session will address the development of human rights principles and will include an introduction to the most important international conventions, international humanitarian law, and human rights systems.  In addition, the session will address political, civil, economic, social, and cultural rights, as well as women’s rights, children’s rights, the rights of people with special needs, and peoples’ rights.  The session will discuss these rights from both an international and a local perspective, comparing the understanding of rights and their guarantees in international conventions with that of Egyptian legislation.  The discussion will also revolve around the guarantees that we wish to see in our new Egypt for the protection of these rights.



The session is not limited to the theoretical side of the study, but rather it devotes sufficient time each day for practical activities and work groups or for watching clips from human rights films and discussing them. One day is also set aside for practical training in which participants are split into groups to visit different rights organizations and to volunteer with them for the entire day.



At the end of the session, participants will design media campaigns dealing with various rights which fall under a general framework of Citizenship.” The best campaigns will be chosen to be implemented in the Alumni Club of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies throughout the whole year.



Follow the daily reports about the session and its participants via radio and internet at www.horytna.net.

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