“Absent Rights”: A new film series of “Our Rights in 100 Days” Campaign . The Campaign launches its first film on military trials of civilians, independence of judiciary and issues of freedom of association and peaceful assembly

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In light of continued civilians’ referral to military trials and ongoing security attacks on protestors in a number of occasions over the previous month, despite the pledges made by President Mohammad Morsi as to ending the referrals of civilians to military trials and respecting human rights charters signed by Egypt, “Our Right in 100 days” launched its first short film as part of the “Absent Rights” film series. The film tackles two of the most significant violations that were requested to be halted by the Campaign. The first violation focused by the film includes military trials of civilians and the how far this impacts judiciary independence, besides the issues of freedom of association and peaceful protests.

The film shows – through a number of interviews with a group of activists, human and legal symbols – the issue of referring civilians to military trials as a violation requested to be ended by organizations as per a memorandum sent to President Mohammad Morsi and signed by 17 organizations. The memorandum requested President Mohammad Morsi to take a number of procedures that aim to improve the status of human rights in Egypt during the first hundred days of the President’s ruling.

The film further tackles the issue of freedom of association and peaceful assembly, highlighting the significance of effectuating mechanisms that guarantee the rights of association as well as peaceful assembly and demonstration to citizens, via removing all restrictions imposed on the freedom of forming associations, civil institutions and halting arbitrary interventions in their work. This comes in addition to changing the method with which security forces deal with peaceful demonstrations and other means of protesting in a way that allows exercising this right and its protection from violent confrontations or firearms.

It is worth mentioning that “Our Right in 100 Days” Campaign was launched by the independent human rights organization forum with the aim of imposing human rights priorities on the agenda of President Mohammad Morsi during the first hundred days of his ruling. The Campaign had launched and participated in the preparation and coordination of a number of events seeking to highlight several rights and issues pertaining to human rights, and which had not appeared on the President’s agenda. This film is considered to be the first within the framework of a series of films intended to be prepared by the Campaign during the coming period under the title of “Absent Rights”, as an introductory version to the Campaign that aims to impose human rights priorities on President Mohammad Morsi’s agenda during the first hundred days of his rule.

To see the movie: http://youtu.be/UzBgrTpdoIw

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