An Invitation to Participate at a Training on “Civil Society Organizations Promoting Non-Discrimination and Equality”

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Cairo 4-8 November 2007

Issues related to diversity and tolerances are becoming increasingly important in Arab societies. In fact, the Arab world includes a number of ethnic, tribal, lingual and religious minorities which are living together, sometimes with notable conflicts in every day&#146s life.

For this reason, the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) and the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) are organizing a 5-days training course in Arabic for NGOs from Egypt, Iraq and Yemen (8 participants from each country). The “Civil Society Organizations Promoting Non-Discrimination and Equality” training course consists of an innovative combination of lectures, presentations, large and small group discussions, case work on practical exercises and field visits. It aims at offering knowledge about the international human rights standards relating to non-discrimination and equality, with a special focus on gender, citizenship and minorities. In addition, the training aims at introducing relevant methodological approaches such as civil society making use of the UN human rights instruments, awareness raising and advocacy.

The specific objectives of the Training are to enable participants to:

„X Understand the concepts and issues related to diversity, discrimination, its forms and its victims.
„X Recognize contemporary manifestations of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination related to gender, ethnicity, religion and language.
„X Learn about the UN human rights conventions and system in relation to how non-discrimination, promotion of equality and protection of minorities can be strengthened.
„X Identify the role and functions of civil society organizations in human rights promotion to monitor and advocate with the state as the duty bearer.
„X Address the issue of the protection of the rights of minorities and marginalized groups and to promote religious, ethnic, and gender tolerance and equality.

Interested applicants must meet the following criteria:

„X A demonstrable personal commitment to human rights principles
„X Member or volunteer in a NGO (experience of 2-3 years)
„X Under the age of 30

Accommodation costs for all participants ،V excluding residents of Greater Cairo governorate ،V will be covered by the organizers. The participation of women and minority groups is particularly encouraged.

How to apply:

Please send your application as early as possible. Applications received after 10 October 2007 can not be considered. Please type clearly all requested information in Arabic. All applications must be complete (incomplete applications will not be considered) and sent either to this email address – or by post to CIHRS address.

Applicants will receive an acknowledgment receipt. If you do not receive a confirmation email within one week, please email to inquire about your application.

The complete application includes:
„X Application form
„X Letter of Motivation (300 – 400 words)
„X Curriculum Vitae
„X One letter of Recommendation

We are looking forward to your application!

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