As Arab League seeks increased role in the region: CIHRS issues new edition of its book on the role of the Arab League in protecting human rights

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no-protectThe Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies has issued a revised edition of its book No Protection for Anyone: The Role of the Arab League in Protecting Human Rights,” first issued in 2006. The new edition is updated to cover relevant developments regarding the role of the Arab League since the issuance of the first edition.

The latest edition incorporates the most recent conclusions of the ongoing debate between both Arab and international civil society actors and the League of Arab States following the Arab Spring, examining the emerging political will demonstrated by some officials to strengthen the Arab League’s role in protecting human rights in the region. The CIHRS, which has taken part in all debates and discussions relevant to the role of the Arab League in protecting human rights, believed it important to reissue the book and to include in this edition a new set of research papers examining the evolution of the Arab League’s human rights role from 1994 to 2013, as a means of fostering discussion and engagement with the League with the aim of protecting human rights in the Arab region.

In addition to the original content, the new edition contains in-depth analysis, in a paper titled “The Arab Spring Comes to the Arab League”, of the role that the Arab Spring played in breathing new life into the Arab League The volume also includes research papers on reform in the institution and the need for an Arab court of human rights. The documents included in the appendix now include a memo submitted by 37 human rights organizations in March 2012 to the president of the League’s Committee for the Development of Joint Arab Cooperation, as well as a report issued in November 2012 about a consultative meeting on the development of NGO engagement with the Arab League.

Also included in the new edition is a press statement issued following a regional conference convened in February 2013 in Cairo entitled, “The Arab League, Human Rights, and Civil Society: Challenges on the Road” as well as the recommendations from this conference.

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