Bush Statements, not enough to deter Torture Crimes

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In an attempt to contain the furious reactions regarding the shameful crimes of torturing the Iraqi prisoners of war and detainees inside Abu Gharib prison, US president, George W. Bush condemned the incidents of torture, considering such acts as “hateful and disdainful”. Moreover, he pledged to conduct an investigation in the events and to punish the perpetrators.

The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) deems the Bush statements as a positive indicator, However it does do not provide sufficient proof of the desire of the US administration to firmly confront such kind of violations and punish the perpetrators. This is particularly the case with the circulating news that superficial investigations were conducted and ended by blaming some of the perpetrators of such crimes. The said incidents of torture are blatant violations of all the international laws and norms, particularly the provisions of the International Humanitarian Law and the statute of the International Criminal Court.

CIHRS emphasizes that the deterrence of such crimes and the punishment of the perpetrators necessitate adherence to the calls for forming an international investigation committee under the supervision of the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross. The said committee would conduct a parallel independent investigation in such crimes and to study the legal conditions of the Iraqi prisoners of war and detainees to release the innocent. Moreover, the said committee would oblige the occupation forces to compensate the victims and their families.

CIHRS confirms the necessity to promptly end the occupation and to grant the UN effective authority to handle the Iraqi issue during such phase in order to hand the authority over to an Iraqi elected government under its supervision.

Furthermore, CIHRS highly appreciates the feelings of anger and protest in the Arab public opinion and the Arab media after the exposure of such crimes. It affirms that the real guarantee for putting an end to the violation of the human dignity in the Arab world is embedded in the courageous confrontation of all violations of human rights whether perpetrated by Zionist, American or British occupiers or by Arab governments. It also necessitates struggling for a free and independent media in the Arab states.

The exposure of the American crimes came through independent American satellites enjoying absolute freedom and not restricted by provisions that might lead to trial with the pretext of “defaming the United States”. Such pretexts are permanently invoked in the Arab world in order to harass the human rights defenders and bring them to exceptional trials.

We would better develop solidarity in order to confront all practices and crimes underestimating the human dignity in the Arab world and violating the human body and life. We should encounter all the claims trying to cover up for inhumane crimes with the pretext of maintaining the nations’ dignity.


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