CIHRS 3rd Regional Forum for the Arab Human Rights Movement: Bridge of Return, Palestinian refugees’ rights in light of the settlement tracks

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The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) organized in cooperation with EuroMed Rights, and the Moroccan Organisation of Human Rights (OMDH), the 3rd Regional Forum for the Arab Human Rights Movement from February 10 to 12, addressing “The rights of Palestinian refugees in light of the settlement tracks.”

A number of representatives of human rights organizations in seven  Arab countries, Arab organizations operating in Palestine since 1948, Arab experts, representatives of international human rights organizations, and members of the Arab and foreign diplomatic corps attended the Forum, which was hosted in Rabat, Morocco.

During the conference, 13 research papers covering the five main points of the conference were discussed. Representatives of four major international human rights organizations released their statements on Palestinian refugees’ situation. The research papers, debates, and discussions reviewed during this Forum will be later issuedin a book.

This Forum comes during a critical stage in the struggle of the Palestinian people, their self-determination and the restoration of their seized rights, and foremost of which is the right to establish their state and the right to return. Five months after the outbreak of the Palestinian Intifada against the Israeli occupation, the question resurfaces regarding the paths of settlement and the lost rights of Palestinians in the midst of the Oslo Accords. The occupation forces have succeeded in exploiting the Oslo Accords to serve their transitional nature in delaying the implementation of their obligations, while obtaining more benefits and privileges.

The Regional Forum for the Human Rights Movement is an initiative first founded by CIHRS in 1999, aiming to create a platform for dialogue on pressing issues of democratization, human rights, and the future of the human rights movement and the challenges of its work in the Arab world.

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