CIHRS announces the release of: “Human Rights across Cultures”

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The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, in collaboration with the Danish Center for Human Rights and the Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute, released a new book entitled “Human Rights across Cultures.” This book represents one of the outcomes of the cooperation and cultural exchanges which have taken place between the three institutions in the framework of the “Human Rights across Cultures” project, which began in 2010 and aims to promote the principles of universal human rights in both Egypt and Denmark.

The book, which includes works from a group of talented Egyptian and European writers, reviews the latest trends and intellectual debates about human rights and religion in light of the universality of human rights. It also tries to bridge what is often perceived as a rift between the universality of human rights and cultural and religious particularities. The book addresses both Arab and European perspectives on human rights and examines how political changes, religious voices, and cultural developments have affected concept of human rights.

The book focuses on two key issues – women’s rights and the rights of religious minorities – as models to explain the ways in which culture impacts understandings of human rights.  It also examines the crisis confronting freedom of religion and minority rights in Egyptian society, as well as the problems of how minorities are represented in the media in Europe.

One of the most important topics discussed in this book is how women’s rights are dealt with in the political, religious, and cultural discourses in Egypt, as well as the opportunities and challenges associated with the empowerment of women in Denmark.

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Human Rights and Culutre – English

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