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CIHRS Oral Intervention before HRC 9th Session About Fact Finding Mission Report on Beit Hanuon

In United Nations Human Rights Council by CIHRS

Human Rights Council- 9th Session
Agenda Item 7- Fact Finding Mission Report on Beit Hanuon- Interactive Dialogue
Oral Intervention
18 September, 2008

Delivered by Mr.  Hossam Bahgat

Thank you Mr. President and we extend our gratitude for the excellent work carried out by the esteemed members of the fact finding mission.

CIHRS, in collaboration with its partner organization the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, endorses the recommendations made by the Fact Finding Mission in Beit Hanuon.

We would like to note that the dire situation and human suffering described in the fact finding mission report on Beit Hanoun serves as a reminder of the human rights and humanitarian law violations that Palestinian’s are systematically subject to throughout the OPTs.  The attacks on civilians that occurred in Beit Hanuon are part of a long standing pattern of disregard for civilian life by Israeli forces within the OPTs.

We regret the lack of cooperation by Israel with the fact finding mission.

We agree that the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories remains the fundamental cause of suffering within the OPTs.

The report before us , as well as many other reports submitted to this Council, including the Special Rappateurs report on Sudan, demonstrate  that  attacks on civilians when combined with a culture of impunity,  remains a fundamental cause for the persistence of ongoing conflict and violence throughout the Middle East and North African region.

As such, we call on the Israeli government and Palestinian leaders to recognize that respect for civilian life and welfare and the enforcement of the rule of law and accountability remain the most promising means to begin efforts toward peace and security.

Finally, we also call upon all members of this Council to ensure the protection of the human rights of civilians and the ending of impunity in all humanitarian crises and conflicts being examined by this Council.

 In this regard we call on the Council to support and adopt the draft resolution proposed during this Session by the delegation of Egypt on the protection of human rights in armed conflict.

Thank you Mr. President.

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