CIHRS Organizes an advisory meeting on the obstacles and challenges facing the media in north Africa

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Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) is organizing in Cairo on 13th and 14th January 2007 a meeting for consultation and exchange of views entitled: ” Toward New Media: Obstacles and Challenges facing the Media in North Africa”. A group of editors-in-chief of newspapers, columnists, journalists and media personnel from 14 newspapers, 6 TV and broadcast channels, as well as members of the academia, representatives of some international organizations, jurists and human rights activists from 6 Arab countries in North Africa (Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritania) will take part in this meeting.

It is noteworthy that this meeting is one of a series of regional advisory meetings in the African Continent, held throughout 2006 in cooperation with the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), the World Forum for Media Support, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and the Initiative for Media Development in Africa. This series of meetings aims at reaching a common understanding of the situation of the media sector in Africa, providing a forum for media actors in Africa and for international partners concerned with the media, identifying short and long term priority issues as well as domains in need of support in order to reach a powerful and autonomous media sector.

Proceedings of the meeting will focus on a discussion of a number of issues, mainly: mass media between state control and private ownership; the future of state-owned media; training requirements and boosting the capacities of media personnel; trade union protection of media personnel and; the role of press codes of honor.

A report will be issued following the meeting, which will encompass the quintessence of debates and recommendations regarding the media in North Africa. This report will be integrated with the general report that will also include the essence of other regional meetings.

• For more information, kindly contact Ms. Sahar Abdel Nasser, Meeting Coordinator.
• NB: Attachment: Agenda of the meeting.

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