CIHRS organizes visit between Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights and several Arab rights activists

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forum211114Yesterday, December 13, the Tunisian branch of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies and several Arab rights defenders visited the office of the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights as part of the field visits accompanying the seventh regional training seminar on international human rights instruments. Organized by the CIHRS in conjunction with the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights in Tunisia, the training seminar is hosting 28 rights defenders from Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia.

The aim of the visit was to gain a closer familiarity with the role of civil society in the democratic transition in Tunisia and its efforts to support transitional justice and women’s rights. Seminar participants met with a group of Tunisian rights activists, including Anisa al-Saidi of the Association of Democratic Woman, lawyer Laila Haddad, who specializes in transitional justice and issues of martyrs and the injured, and rights advocate Masoud al-Ramadani, a member of the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights and the head of the CIHRS office in Tunis. The discussion was moderated by Ahmed al-Gohari, the CIHRS program officer for the teaching and dissemination of human rights culture.

The discussion addressed a set of issues, among them the experience of Tunisian civil society in women’s empowerment, countering extremist religious discourse, protecting the rights of the revolution’s injured and martyrs, and dealing with the policy of impunity, as well as respect for human rights while confronting the danger of terrorism.

The Tunisian Forum also gave participants a set of publications and periodicals that focus on the state of human rights in Tunisia.

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