Egyptian Journalists and democracy in the nineties

In Books, Freedom of Expression, Statements and Reports by CIHRS

Translation revised and edited by: Magdie El Naiem
Presented by: Dr. M. El Sied Saeed
This book is the first detailed study covering the contribution of the Egyptian journalists in the nineties. It reveals that journalists have not to be overcome as a force during the democratization process in Egypt, this is despite the fact that they are not the strongest group determining the political system of Egypt such as the proponents of the strategic groups or the other severe opposition forces. Consequently, their contribution to the democratization process was not as desired for different reasons, and they could have been more supportive for democracy and human rights. Thus, this book seems to be an occasion to mobilize the journalistic group and civil society in general in order to upgrade the struggle for freeing the Egyptian press, as much as they can, from the historic and newly imposed constraints.

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