Final Judicial Conference Report “Towards establishing a vision for the independence and impartiality of the Egyptian judiciary”

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Joint conference sponsored by the CIHRS and the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network
Cairo, April 16-17, 2011


The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies and the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network organized a conference “Towards Establishing a Vision for the Independence and Impartiality of the Egyptian Judiciary” as part of their years-long efforts, in cooperation with judges, to support an independent judiciary. The conference was attended by prominent judges involved in the judicial independence movement in Egypt, civil society organizations concerned with strengthening judicial independence, human rights defenders, lawyers, political actors, and Arab and international experts, as well as representatives of youth groups who took part in the January 25 revolution. In particular, we would like to note the participation of the Minister of Justice Mohammed Abd al-Aziz al-Gindi, whose speech to the inaugural session of the conference was delivered by Judge Wael Abu Eita, a member of the Ministry’s Human Rights Directorate.


Attached Final Report

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