For the first time in Arabic language: Experiences of Audio-Visual media in Europe

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The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) published a new book entitled “Experiences of Audio-Visual Media in Europe”, which encompasses various studies on the development of visual media in Europe, and reviews European expertise in the development of mass media, particularly the British, French and Czech models. The book also contains criteria set by the Council of Europe in the domain of audio-visual media, in coordination with the publishing unit of the Council, in addition to selected chapters from the television report in Europe published by the Open Society Institute in 2005, in coordination with the media program of the Institute.

The book addresses the experience of European local media, which offers a model for the success of public service stations in providing a societal alternative to government official media on the one hand, and also breaks the monopoly of private media on the other. The book reviews the funding problems and their repercussions on the professionalism and policies of public service stations.

The book aims at providing an opportunity for Arab researchers and the media to explore the European experience in the domain of the audio-visual media, benefit from the advantages of such experience to liberate Arab media, organize and restructure mass media in different Arab countries.

The introduction of the book was written by Mr. Ahmed Hessou, Syrian journalist currently working at the German Broadcast, and the Arabic translation was edited by Mr. Ashraf Radi, Egyptian reporter at Reuters.

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