Human Rights Organizations request an end to harassment of media personnel and a suspension of the interrogation of Howeida Taha

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The prosecution released the day before yesterday the Egyptian journalist Howeida Taha with a bail of LE 10 thousand. Authorities had formerly held her under custody for interrogation, based on the fact that she had prepared a documentary program on citizens&#146 complaints from the Egyptian police machinery. She was accused of being involved in acts harming Egyptian national interests, obtaining and imparting deceitful photos and giving incorrect account of the situation in the country!

The undersigned organizations are of the opinion that continued violation of human rights principles by security forces of the Ministry of Interior, and their systematic assault on citizens&#146 freedoms, represent a real threat to Egyptian citizens, who spent decades dreading the idea of having to get into police stations, and continued to be terrified of security personnel because of the cruel treatment awaiting them in the corridors of these horrendous stations. The Ministry of Interior repeatedly and constantly denied these facts and deemed them as “prejudiced rumors”, but documented filmed scenes, known as “torture clips”! are circulated now through internet and have disclosed all the facts.

Human rights organizations welcome the referral of security officers having appeared on the videotaped documents to law courts, if allegations of assaults on the dignity, rights, and sometimes honor of citizens made against them are proven, they should receive due punishment. Meanwhile, they demand an end to the harassment of journalists, media personnel, and human rights defenders and activists who have disclosed and are still disclosing such crimes. They also request the suspension of the interrogation of journalist Howeida Taha while providing all the necessary guarantees that neither she nor any of her colleagues involved in the exposure of and alleviation of such crimes, would be harassed or attacked.

– Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies.
– The Arab Organization for Penal Reform.
– Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.
– Egyptian Association for Supporting Democratic Development
– The Egyptian Center for Women&#146s Rights.
– Human Rights Association for the Assistance of Prisoners.
– Habi Center for Environmental Rights.
– Association for Democracy Development.
– Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti Violence Studies.
– New Women Foundation.

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