In a New Lecture by CIHRS in Fayoum:
Will the Next Constitution Achieve the Goals of the Revolution?

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Coinciding with the escalation of protests claiming the Constituent Assembly to be dissolved, and the membership of many members to be frozen, for objection to the proposed draft and as the Assembly insists, in its present formation, to complete the draft in its rejected form, a question recurs about the ability of the next constitution to express the goals of the Revolution. In this context, Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) holds a public lecture entitled “Will the Next Constitution Achieve the Goals of the Revolution?” in the Governorate of Fayoum on Friday November 23, 2012 at 05:30 p.m. at “Honey Day” Hotel in Fayoum.

The lecture will be delivered by Mr. Hassan Kamal, Coordinator of the Popular Campaign for Raising Awareness concerning the Constitution, who will focus on several pivots, most notably of which is clarifying the position of the rights and freedoms in the next Constitution and to what extent the proposed draft constitution maintained the Principle of Separation of Powers. It will also discuss whether or not the new proposed constitution paves the way for a civil democratic state.

This lecture comes within series of public awareness lectures organized by CIHRS Education Program, which roam throughout the Republic to disseminate human rights values and principles and simplify international standards and general principles relating to human rights work and the role of civil society.

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