In Public Lectures in Cairo and Beni-Suef: CIHRS to Explain Guarantees of Drafting Egypt’s upcoming Constitution

In Trainings and Workshops by CIHRS

new-constitutionCairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) will hold a set of public lectures on the bases of selecting the Constituent Assembly’s members, as well as the nature of rights and duties that should be stated in Egypt’s upcoming Constitution. Since we believe in the significance of the upcoming Constitution and the need for participation of all spectrums of the society in the debate on the next Constitution of Egypt that should reflect all brackets and components of society

This series of lectures will start tomorrow, March 20, in Qasr Al-Thaqafa Library, Manshiyat Naser Quarter 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm, and will be delivered by Human Rights Activist and trainer, Mr. Ahmed Abou Elmagd. The second one will be on Wednesday, March 21, 12:00 PM, in the Plastic Recycling School, El-Zabaleen Village, Manshiyat Naser Quarter.

Turing to Beni-Suef, CIHRS will hold two similar lectures for young activists of the development civil society organizations in Beni-Suef; the first lecture will be held in the National Council of Women at 10:00 am, Wednesday, March 21, and the second one in the Community Development Association in Towah Village, Bibah District.

It is noteworthy that these lectures comes as part of the activities of the Human Rights Education Program, at CIHRS, that focuses on disseminating and educating the culture of human rights and the bases of political participation and raising citizens’ awareness of their rights and duties. Those public lectures are one of the most important activities of CIHRS Education Program whose educational activities extends to many governorates through public lectures, training workshops, training courses, and simplified educational publications.

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