Islam and democracy

In Books, The emergence and development of human rights in Arab and Islamic thought by CIHRS

This book involves the discussions of a workshop on “Islam and Democracy ” it was held by CIHRS in October 2002. A number of important questions were raised in this meeting; among them: What are the points of agreement and disagreement between Islam and democracy? What are the features of the democratic system and how it could guarantee human rights? Are there any special religious features for democracy? How can democracy be applied in a society of Muslim majority? In addition to a number of rights and freedoms that vary in their shape in the light of the two wings (the dominant religious culture and the modern state requirements) and the most important of that were the woman and minorities rights and the freedom of creativity and thinking. Those issues were discussed in order to reach a common ground among the Islamic movements and the other political currents in the struggles for democracy and in the light of the experiences of Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, and Iran.

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