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rowak61-62The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies has issued a new edition of the Rowaq Arabi periodical, which focuses on the topic of media development and reform. Issue number 61/62 is entitled “Can Arab States Benefit from European Expertise in Media Development and Reform? A Review of European Models in Media Development, Focusing on the British and French Models.”

The edition includes papers from international experts in media development, namely, Andreas Grünwald, Mark Thompson, Dozan Relek, Marius Dragomir, David Wood, and Terry Fidel.

The new edition of Rowaq Arabi also includes a number of important documents such as articles, provisions, and recommendations regarding the standards of the European Council in media regulations. These documents present the council’s recommendations and guidance regarding safeguarding the independence of media message, media structural independence, especially the independence standards of the public broadcast service. The edition also includes a European Council authored report entitled “How can the media reflect societal pluralism and diversity, and the most important principles of the different broadcast services in this regard.”

Aside from papers on media reform, the edition also includes Mohammad Younis’s review of the edited book Persecuting Heads of State by Ellen Lutz and Caitlin Reiger. The book includes works by a number of international law and transitional justice experts and is considered a serious attempt to follow up on the increase in the trials of ex-heads of state and ex-governments for crimes they committed, whether in human rights violations or crimes against humanity or crimes of financial or political corruption. Moreover, the book examines the challenges, and the legal and procedural obstacles faced during the trials of ex-heads of states, as well as the contextual and the political influences of these trials.

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