“Sawaseya” chief editor discusses problems facing the human rights promotion in Egypt, with a group of Danish students

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On April 9, the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies received a visit from a Danish delegation, based upon an invitation from the Danish embassy in Cairo, the delegation constituted of Arabic language students affiliated to the language institute, which follows the Danish military.

The delegation constituted of 20 student and teacher, the meeting aimed at recognizing the CIHRS’ role and discussing the problems pertaining the human rights promotion in Egypt. “Sawaseya” chief editor “Essam Hassan” ran the meeting.

The two hours meeting included a large variety of issues; latest constitutional amendments, legislative and problematic constrains that face people involved in the field of human rights and civil work in general, besides the pressures over journalism and political parties.

The discussion also included the cultural, political and societal problems affecting the spreading of human rights culture, specially, what is related to gender or belief – based discrimination.

During the meeting, the students showed special interest in understanding the repercussions of the confrontations with security forces, which took place in “Al-Mahala Al-Kobra”, due to the strike and riots; moreover, they wanted to fully understand the nature of the problems hindering enhancing lives of the Egyptians, and for them to enjoy economic and social rights.

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