Social Justice in Egypt’s Constitution A Lecture by CIHRS in Assiut

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In light of escalating protests demanding economic and social policies that take into account social justice, the constituent assembly is close to finalizing the draft constitution, to be put to a referendum in the coming months. In this context, Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) is pleased to invite you to a public lecture in Assiut, titled “Community Participation in Drafting Egypt’s Upcoming Constitution” on September 24, 2012 at 6 p.m. on Tut Boat.

In drafting the constitution, the constituent assembly should focus on social justice, one of the main demands of the January Revolution. However, the domination of the constituent assembly by Islamist parties increases fears that this might not be on the agenda, especially given that their economic interests run counter to any social justice criteria. This economic interests of those in power will shape the debate on social justice especially after Hesham Qandil’s government declared a package of austerity measures that will affect the spending allocations of vital service sectors such as education and health.

The lecture will be delivered by rights and political activist Mohammed Wakid; and will focus on several pivots, most notably the demands of different social groups for social justice, as well as the importance of having those demands stated and protected in the constitution. Moreover, the lecture views the most significant articles of the draft constitution regarding social justice (those of which that have been leaked), as well as the constitution’s position on the exercise of economic rights.

This lecture is part of a series of public awareness lectures organized by CIHRS’s Human Rights Education Program. Lectures will be held throughout Egypt with the aim of disseminating human rights values ​​and principles and simplifying international standards and general principles related to human rights work and the role of civil society.

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