The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies concludes its Ninth Regional Training on International Human Rights Mechanisms

In Human Rights Education Program, Trainings and Workshops by CIHRS

CIHRS completed its ninth regional training program on the use of international mechanisms for the defense of human rights. The program, which was held in Tunis, brought together 24 human rights defenders from across the Arab region including Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia.

The training, which lasted from the 15th – 23rd of November, prepared participants to engage with regional and international mechanisms for the protection of human rights, including the United Nations and treaty bodies. Participants were also introduced to the United Nations Human Rights Council and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. They learned various ways to engage with civil society, including through oral interventions and written statements, the system of complaints and reporting human rights violations, and the UPR mechanism. Understanding the role of the media in campaigns was also covered, as well as ways to utilize the media to advocate for human rights issues.

The training sessions were conducted by CIHRS specialists in the field of international human rights, and a number of officials from partner international and regional organizations as well as independent Arab media experts.

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