The Egyptian Delegation of Elections Monitors observes violations in the Presidential Elections

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The Egyptian Delegation of Elections Monitors affirms the importance of Civil Society monitoring the Elections, and publics right to a transparency and impartiality election process during the first presidential election since the Jan 25th revolution.  The Delegation will host a press conference to unveil the results of the observatory mission’s report on the Presidential Elections on Saturday 11 am, May 26th, 2012 in Safir Hotel (Boupian Hall), Mesaha Square, Dokki, Cairo.

The conference covers the delegation’s evaluation of the polling procedures in the different governorates, and will present the most significant observations that were witness in the field. Eventually, the floor will be given to the delegation members to present their testimonies on what they witnessed during their visits to the polling stations, pinpointing the impact of these observations on the credibility of the electoral procedures. The conference will also focus on listing the most serious violations especially those related to female participation; procedure within the polling station; mechanisms for election monitoring; conduct of security forces, the election authority, candidates, and candidate representative.

The Egyptian Delegation of Election Monitors is one of the public initiatives that aim to monitor the 2012 Egyptian Presidential Election over its different phases, cooperating with 26 Human Rights Organizations and more than 150 public figures including parliamentarians, authors, artists, Trade Unionists, and others. The delegation monitored, and in the event of a runoff election will continue to monitor, polling stations across different governorates over the 2 day polling period.

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