The First Training workshop on Human Rights for the Sudanese Refugees in Egypt

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Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies organized over the period starting the 3rd through the 13th of October 2004 the first training workshop on human rights for a number of the Sudanese refugees and residents in Egypt.

Around 45 participants participated in this round. They were from various scientific backgrounds including students, graduates and post-graduate students from the faculties and departments of Science, engineering, computer, commerce, law, mass communication, political science, arts and languages by its different departments in the universities of Al-Khartoum, Al-Gaziera, Al-Sudan, Om Durman, Cairo (Al-Khartoum branch) and October 6th.

The program of the course included 31 lectures, training workshop and seminars with the representatives of the human rights organizations in Egypt that are interested in the issues of the Sudanese refugees in Egypt, in addition to a concluding session on the future of Sudan and the horizons for peace and development. The topics dealt with during the course centered around a number of basic themes; the first of whom focused on the theoretical and legal topics covering the most important aspects of the international law for human rights like the principles, concepts, international and regional treaties, the rights of refugees in the international law, the concept of gender and the rights of women. The second theme centered on a number of legal work related techniques and skills. The third theme dealt with the racial, cultural and ethnic diversity related legal and cultural issues and the perspective of cultural specifities to the universality of human rights in addition to the issue of renewing the religious address and its problematics in Sudan. The last theme handled the most prominent problematic issues facing Sudan right now such as the challenges for political and economic development, party reform, democratic transformation and the status of human rights and disputes in Darfour and Eastern Sudan in addition to the reconstruction re-arrangements in the post current and probable peace treaties situations.

It is worthy to mention that this course depended primarily on voluntary efforts. The lectures were given by 26 voluntary lecturers and trainers from among the intellectuals, university professors, experts and trainers from both Egypt and Sudan, not to mention, a number of the lecturers from the CIHRS&#146s staff.

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