The intellectual against the authority

In Books, The emergence and development of human rights in Arab and Islamic thought by CIHRS

Dialogues of the civil society in Syria

As much as the Syrian intellectuals in Syria had seen themselves as the makers of politics and the initiators of its fields as they founded the parties, they had found themselves in the end of 1990’s as victims of politics and totally marginalized as well. This is the drastic change that this book is revealing by tracing the historical relationships between the educated and intellectual ones in one side and the authorities in Syria on the other side, raising several questions about the social upbringing of the Syrian intellectuals and the styles of this relationship through its long history starting from the second decade of the twentieth century until now. The book discusses also the bets of the Syrian intellectuals on the civil society handling the evidential changes in the concept of the civil society as the Syrian intellectuals understand it. Besides that the book includes a number of documents that trace the dialogues of the civil society starting with the document of founding the society of the civil society’s friends in Syria until Damascus declaration for the national democratic change.

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