The jurisprudence of trials of literary and artistic works: a study of discourse and interpretation

In Books, Freedom of Expression by CIHRS

Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) recently published a book entitled “The Jurisprudence of Trials of Literary and Artistic Works: A Study of Discourse and Interpretation”, by Moroccan researcher, Wafaa Silawi.

The book addresses several issues, namely, the mechanisms of legal discourse and the legal references of public freedoms law; the phases of trials of intellectuals (notification and summons, interrogation, pleading, and ruling). The study also tackles the issue of text reading and how different orientations and ideologies could influence the interpretation of the text. In this context, the book deals with several case-studies such as Taha Hussein book entitled “Pre-Islamic Poetry”, “The Jurisprudence of Arabic Language” by Louis Awad, “A Thousand and One Nights” and others. The book also includes a list of artistic and literary works that were either driven to court or confiscated.

Book available in Arabic only.

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