The rights of women-from local work to global change

In Books, Woman Rights by CIHRS

This book contains a sum of information on the principal matters in the field of the humanitarian rights for women, clarified the practices that facilitate understanding these rights, and the strategies that can be undertaken to apply these rights in reality. “from local work to global change” targets men and women, either as individuals or in groups, the educated, half-educated and non-educated, in addition to, for example; but, not confined to:
• Governmental and non-Governmental organizations that are interested in training those working in them primarily on the issues affecting women;
• Societal organizations that organize workshops for women and girls human rights activists;
• Social researchers, professionals in the medical field, and those working with the youth interested in culturalizing the societies they serve;
• Students of the universities and high schools in the field of feminist, political science and social, or human rights studies.

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