The Third Film in “Absent Rights” series of “Our Right in 100 Days” Campaign: “The Martyr’s Right Cannot Be Dropped by Obsolescence”

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Numerously had President Mohammad Morsi promised, soon after he took the reins of power, to recover the rights of martyrs and gratify the hearts of parents who had lost their children, without holding the perpetrators accountable. Yet, the rights of martyrs are not to be recovered through addresses and promises, but this requires a deliberate system of transitional justice that guarantees the accountability of murderers with no impunity. Within this framework and as part of “Our Rights in 100 Days” campaign proceedings, the Campaign launches its third film of absent rights series under the title of “The Martyr’s Right”

The film focuses on the issue of transitional justice, as well as the rights of martyrs and the injured, and further highlights that material compensation does not fulfill those rights. In addition, it underlines that acquittals issued in favor of many officers accused with killing protestors have contributed to the obstruction of justice. The film also tackles the fact that the revolution martyrs did not lose their lives only during the first 18 days of the Revolution, but along a 30-year period of oppression, tyranny and injustice.

Besides, the film touches upon hindrances standing in the way of bringing about justice, represented in independent judiciary, modal fact-finding commissions, further to laws that contribute to establishing of the policy of impunity.

It is worth mentioning that “Our Right in 100 Days” Campaign was launched by the independent human rights organization forum with the aim of imposing human rights priorities on the agenda of President Mohammad Morsi during the first hundred days of his ruling. The Campaign had launched and participated in the preparation and coordination of a number of events seeking to highlight several rights and issues pertaining to human rights, and which had not appeared on the President’s agenda. This film is considered to be the third within the framework of a series of films intended to be prepared by the Campaign during the coming period under the title of “Absent Rights”, as an introductory version to the Campaign that aims to impose human rights priorities on President Mohammad Morsi’s agenda during the first hundred days of his rule.

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