CIHRS with EMHRN organize training in Tunisia on UPR

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The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, in conjunction with the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, organized a two-day training workshop for a number of Tunisian human rights organizations on the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR).

The workshop, which concluded yesterday, aimed to train Tunisian rights groups on the processes of the UPR, a UN mechanism to assess the state of human rights of member states. Each UN member state undergoes a UPR every four years. The workshop focused on the UPR stages, how to prepare reports for the various phases, the parties eligible to participate in the process, and the role of civil society organizations in animating the process.

The workshop also examined the post-UPR stage, reviewing the recommendations submitted by Human Rights Council member states, the mechanism for states’ acceptance of the recommendations, and the role that civil society organizations, the media, and other parties play in monitoring and assessing each state’s compliance with the obligations it accepts during the UPR.

The training workshop is the third UPR workshop, following similar trainings for Algerian and Moroccan organizations in January and February. The workshop is part of a long-term project sponsored by the CIHRS and EMHRN with the goal of promoting the participation of local civil society organizations in the UPR process. This activity will be followed by other meetings and trainings in the run up to the UPR for the three states in January 2017.

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