A group of Danish students receive a lecture on human rights situation in Egypt in Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies

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Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) hosted a delegation of Danish students specialized in political sciences on April 18th, 2007. The students met with Mr. Essam El Din Hassan, researcher at CIHRS and editor-in-chief of the CIHRS non-periodical newsletter “Sawasseya”, who made a presentation about the human rights situation in Egypt and the latest developments which occurred on the Egyptian political sphere. The discussion focused around the Law on the Exercise of Political Rights as well as the anti-terrorism law which will soon be issued under the recent constitutional amendments.

Mr. Hassan also summarized the discussions that arose within the Egyptian society in general and human rights activists in particular regarding the afore-mentioned controversial amendments, as well as the role played by CIHRS that included conducting seminars, round-table discussions and circulating a memo with CIHRS views and suggestions regarding those amendments.

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