Commemoration of international day of Darfur: Time is running out… let’s protect Darfur

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For the third time, a special day is dedicated to commemorate the crisis of Darfur, this ill-fated province in Western Sudan, where civilians (men, women, children and elderly) are enduring one of the most sever human disasters in the twenty-first century. For more than three years, inhabitants of Darfur have suffered from hunger, illness, death, and they were forced to abandon their homes. The toll encompasses more than two million displaced persons, tens of thousands dead, women raped, abduction and killing of children.

This magnitude of devastation, violence and systematic violation of human rights did not receive due attention, compared to the enormity of suffering in Darfur. Hence, Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) chose to designate a day to commemorate the international day of Darfur with you and among you.

We will meet on Sunday 29th April from 1:00 p.m. till 6:00 p.m. in “Al Kalimah” Hall, in Sawi cultural Wheel, Zamalek, where we will get to know more about Darfur, review photos exhibiting the dimensions of the humanitarian disaster taking place very close to us without any attention on our part. We will also watch a documentary entitled “Jihad on Horse Back”, shown for the first time in Egypt and depicting live testimonies of victims.

We also have music and dance show from Darfur folklore, which reflects the Darfurian cultural heritage. When we remember that destruction and death pervade Darfur, we should also keep in mind that Darfurians are providing to us the most glorious example of the struggle for survival. A number of Sudanese experts (from Darfur) and Egyptians, as well, will keep us posted about the latest developments in the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Darfur.

Despite the heart-rending effects of the situation in Darfur, a name that invokes very painful memories, we promise you that our commemoration of the international day of Darfur will arouse as much interest as it carries information and discovery of facts.

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