Battle of Reform in Syria: A New Study Published by Cairo Institute for Human Right Studies

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A new study by the Cairo Institute for human Rights Studies has been published in Arabic under the title “Battle of Reform in Syria”, concurrently with the arrest campaign launched by the Syrian authorities against the squad of reformists, advocates of democracy and human rights fighters facing charges that can render them sentenced to life imprisonment, for peacefully expressing their opinions.

Syria is suffering from domestic rigidity to reform, as though it is the only state that rejects carrying out real radical reform. The study, thus, aims to answer pivotal questions about the realities of the Syrian civil society, and how far it is qualified to play a substantial role in the imminent process of change. It also aims to explore the repercussions of disrespecting human rights by the Syrian regime?

The study is conducted by a host of Syrian prominent writers and intellectuals interested in analyzing the Syrian affairs, including: Borhan Ghalioun, Michel Kilo-who is currently detained following the latest detentions campaign – as well as Radwan Ziadah, Hazem Nahar, Abdelrahman el-Haj, Razan Zaitouna, and Yassin el-Hajj Saleh.

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