Arab and African Human Rights Organizations Study Issues of Peace and Justice in Darfur

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In cooperation with the Moroccan Organization of Human Rights, the Center for Democracy and Human Rights Studies in Morocco and the Darfur Consortium, CIHRS holds a workshop under the title: “Towards Integrating the Roles of the Arab and African Civil Society for Issues of Accountability, Justice and Peace in Darfur”, during the period16-17 June, 2006, in Casablanca, in participation of over 60 representatives of human rights organizations in 11 Arab states (namely, the Sudan, Egypt, Emirates, Bahrain, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria, Iraq and Yemen), and 6 African states (Burundi, Tanzania, Senegal, South Africa, Chad and Uganda). Participants will include representatives of the Arab League (LAS) and a number of international human rights organizations.

The aim of the workshop is to boost cooperation and enhance joint action between human rights organizations in the Arab world and African organizations with a view to supporting issues of peace and justice in Darfur, and raising awareness about the human rights conditions in Darfur. The workshop seeks to put pressure on the Arab governments and the League of Arab States to improve human conditions and enhance mechanisms of justice in the region. The sessions will assess how far the lately signed Abuja Peace Agreement is related with the human rights crisis in Darfur, as well as the process of peace and development in the Sudan by and large. Focus will be laid on assessment of the mechanisms of accountability and enforcement of justice in Darfur, means of enhancing the International Criminal Court, the issues related to transferring the responsibilities of peace keeping and protection of civilians to the United Nations, together with the roles of the AU and LAS in supporting peace and justice in the Sudan.

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