CIHRS Demands International Investigation on the Crimes against Humanity in Palestine and Iraq

In International Advocacy Program by

Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) embraces wholeheartedly the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Anan, call for an international investigation on the Beach massacre in Gaza Strip, and equally stresses the essentiality of an investigation on the recurrent crimes perpetrated by the Israeli occupation army against Palestinian civilians since the reoccupation of the West bank, particularly concerning the Jenin massacre. On the other hand, CIHRS urges the Palestinian resistance groups not to target Israeli civilians.

It is noteworthy that the Beach massacre claimed 14 lives, seven of which are members of the same family – the father, the mother, and five children, whereas the sixth daughter, “Hoda”, survived.

Furthermore, CIHRS seeks the creation of an International Investigation Committee on Crimes against humanity taking place in Iraqi prisons. The latest being unveiled by an Iraqi parliamentarian, revealed extreme cases of torture, including rape. An independent investigation Committee should as well take the responsibility of examining cases of premeditated murder of civilians by US troops, the most salient example of which was the massacre that took place in the town of “Haditha”, wasting around 20 civilians&#146 lives. The besought investigation mission should as well cover the crimes of terrorist groups in Iraq wasting Iraqi, Arab, and Non-Arab civilians almost on daily basis, and in numbers that are almost twice as large as the numbers of those murdered by the occupation troops.

Despite the progress achieved – relatively – in the political process, manifested in the formation of an Iraqi government – representing the most of the political, sectarian, and ethnic trends – through free elections, it is hardly conceivable that the Iraqi state, in the present condition, would be able to pursue independent investigations and just trials concerning such crimes.

Unfortunately, the problem of injustice has rigidified remarkably in many other Arab states which do not suffer from tragic conditions, being compared to the Iraqi situation; the matter which accounts for the Arab nations&#146 increasing aspirations for “international justice”.


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