Beyond Darfur: Identity and Civil War in Sudan

In Books, Democratization and human rights issues in the Arab region by CIHRS

The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, CIHRS, published a study entitled “Beyond Darfur: Identity and Civil War in Sudan”, by Sudanese researcher Al-Baqer Al-Afif, former campaign officer at Amnesty International. The author observes and analyzes the Arab media reactions and the standpoints of the World Federation of Muslim Scholars and some famous Islamic intellectuals in the region, in addition to Sudanese political parties, vis-à-vis crimes committed in Darfur. The study also focuses on the problem of identity in a multi-racial and multi-cultural society as one of the approaches for interpreting the civil conflicts taking place in Sudan since the fifties of last century. This attempt by the author aims at exploring the deeper roots of war in Sudan, which lie, according to him, in racial identity, along with political, economic and developmental reasons.

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