The Unspeakable in the Darfur Conflict: A Study published by CIHRS analyzing and monitoring the Arab positions towards Darfur crimes.

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A study conducted by CIHRS stressed that at the time when the humanitarian crisis in Darfur obtained the utmost attention at the international level in the last three years, being the worst since Rowanda massacres, as stated by Kofi Anan, the Ex Secretary General of the UN, the Arab official and non-official positions were so limited, or ignored or even denied the violations and atrocities against humanity that have been documented by the UN fact finding team, which included among its members Mr. Mohamed Faeq, the Secretary General of the Arab Organization for Human Rights.

The study conducted by Al-Baqer Al-Afif, a Sudanese Researcher and the ex-manager of campaigns in the Amnesty International, monitored and analyzed the Arab media reactions and the positions of the World Federation for Muslim Scholars, and some very famous Islamic intellects in the Arab region, besides some Sudanese parties towards the Darfur crimes.

The recently published study entitled: “What is Behind Darfur: Identity and Civil War in Sudan” focuses on the problem of identity in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society as an approach to explain the ongoing civil conflicts in Sudan which started in the fifties of the last century; in an attempt to dig for the deeper root causes behind the war in Sudan, which, according to the researcher, lie in the ethnic identity, besides to the political, economic and developmental reasons.


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