CIHRS concludes 7th Regional Forum of the Arab Human Rights Movement on the future of constitutionalism in Sudan

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On January 26–27, 2004, the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) at the invitation of the All-Africa Movement, organized the 7th Regional Forum of the Arab Human Rights Movement in Kampala, Uganda. This year’s forum was titled  “The Kampala Declaration: On the Future of Constitutionalism in Sudan.”

19 Sudanese experts, several observers from Egypt and Uganda, and a number of international experts took part in a discussion of the ongoing constitutional predicaments in Sudan.

The forum addressed the repeated post-independence military coups in Sudan and the damage they inflicted on the Sudanese military establishment, trade, and politics. The main anticipated features of the state and its apparatus were also discussed.

Participants agreed that the Sudanese constitution must explicitly provide for the separation of the three powers and judicial independence, emphasizing the necessity of rebuilding the judiciary to guarantee its genuine independence. Participants also discussed the importance of constitutional protections for  the fundamental rights and liberties of all citizens, including the incorporation of women’s rights into the constitution by ensuring women’s participation in the constitution drafting process, complying with all relevant international human rights conventions, and guaranteeing freedom of belief.

CIHRS will collect forum discussions, presentations, and conclusions, including the forum recommendations, and publish them as a book.

The Regional Forum of the Arab Human Rights Movement is a CIHRS initiative first launched in 1999 with the goal of fostering a discussion of pressing issues related to democratization and human rights in the Arab world, as well as the future of the Arab rights movement and the challenges it faces.

Publications of the 7th Regional Forum of the Human Rights Movement:

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