“Democracy and elections” opening of a project that aims to bring together activists and journalists from all over Egypt.

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The first training workshop, “Democracy and elections” opening of a project that aims to bring together activists and journalists from all over Egypt


Training workshop has launched today under the title “Democracy and elections in Egypt.” This workshop is considered to be the first of a series of workshops bringing together activists and journalists from all over Egypt, where other workshops will be held in Cairo and Upper Egypt governorates, in addition to the Forum graduates of these workshops, which will be held twice during the next two years, including all the participants for follow-up and discussion about the outcomes of these workshops.

The workshop is organized by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies and will continue till July 10, 2011. A group of civil society activists, political activists and journalists of both sexes will participate in the session.

The objective of the training workshop is to open discussion on the transitional period in Egypt with the presentation of experiences of other countries went through similar circumstances, in addition to presenting humanitarian perspective for this period. Participants will discuss with specialists in political affairs and human rights to reach recommendations that reflect their vision as part of Egyptian society.

The workshop will discuss over the nine days the transitional stage in Egypt and the Constitutional Declaration and its implications and the timetable for that stage, and political systems best suited to Egypt, democracy through elections, and the process of setting the constitution, the participants will give their recommendations at the end of each day from the days of training workshop in order to reach the final vision for the transitional period in Egypt by the end of the workshop.

The participants will take part in other events with the Cairo Institute for communication with organizations of civil society and representatives of different communities, and the public to discuss the recommendations of the workshop and activating it.

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