Media and the parliamentary elections in Egypt 2010

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“Media and the parliamentary elections in Egypt” is a report published by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies evaluating the media performance during 2010 parliamentary elections .the Media monitoring team consists of 20 monitor and researcher evaluating the performance of both visual and written media during the period from the 28th of October till December 15, 2010. Monitoring process included sixteen daily and weekly newspapers and magazines 7 of them owned by the state and 9 were independent, in addition to around 8 TV channels between independent and state-owned.

The report included both qualitative and quantitative analysis for the monitoring results, in addition to a number of press releases issued by CIHRS and other organizations about the corruption of the electoral process and the worst media and irregularities during the monitoring, the report also includes a code of ethics entitled “professional media coverage of general elections” which was prepared by journalist Salah Eissa  after a number of meetings arranged by CIHRS between him and some of the Egyptians media figures. The report addressed the repressive environment under which  the elections took place and the vicious attends on the different media outlets which amounted to a total interference in the average of media to the elections.

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