The Art of Claiming Right…. 45 students from 4 Arab countries in the fourteenth training workshop on Human Rights for Egyptian and Arab Universities Students

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Today morning, the fourteenth annual training workshop on human rights organized by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) in its premises was opened. The workshop lasts from August 14th- September 3rd. 45 participants from 4 Arab countries (Egypt, Sudan, Syria and Palestine) attend the workshop.

The training methodology is mainly discussions, round table, activities and debates. Students would be given a dose of knowledge in human rights and the relevant international agreements, conventions and covenants. Also field visits to institutions, centers, associations and NGOs working in the field of human rights in Egypt will be organized. Students will watch a number of feature and documentary Egyptian and non-Egyptian films on human rights issues. While devising the training&#146s agenda, it was taken into consideration to make the students participate in organizing and moderating the working groups, to encourage them to be creative in their thinking and to support them in turning their ideas into reality.

The aim of the workshop is to get the participants involved in the human rights set by emphasizing how the concept of tolerance is a key pillar in this respect and how this is reflected in the dialogue and disagreement with the other, in claiming the right to citizenship, and in fighting racial discrimination. The workshop familiarizes the students with the key issues of human rights in Egypt, like the exacerbating phenomenon of torture, the crisis of freedom of belief, violence against women, freedom of association, independence of universities, and the obstacles ahead of the democratic transformation. The training also sheds light on the humanitarian dimensions of armed conflicts existent in the Arab region. There are also sessions on the relationship between cinema and media on the one hand and human rights on the other hand, and the use of internet to advocate and defend human rights, organizing campaigns, winning media and getting support for human rights issues.

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